Roll Off Receivers

REAR load container

Roll-off Compactor Receiver Box

Looking for a compactor receiver box? You’ve found it.

Our compactor receivers are not only constructed from high quality materials, they’re backed by our more than sixty years of waste management product design and manufacturing experience.

So, whether you operate a recycling facility or transfer station, a department store or distribution facility, this is the receiver box for you.

Our compactor receiver box is the best on the market, bar none.

Here’s why:

  • Floor is 3/16″ steel plate with 6″ x 2″ x 1/4″ structural steel tubing with ½” x 2″ steel bottom wear bars
  • 2″ solid bull nose with 45° angle for ease of sliding on rails
  • Floor is reinforced with 3″ structural steel channel on 16″ centers
  • 1/4″ gussets floor is extended 3″ to support bottom of door
  • Body construction is 7-gauge steel plate, reinforced with 3/16″ steel channels
  • Lower body construction is 3/16″ steel plate, 48″ high x 96″ long on rear sides
  • Side and top support channels are 3/16″ steel plate
  • All exterior and interior wall to floor joints are continuous weldments
  • Tapered front and side walls on body interior
  • All side and top support channels have drain holes to prevent rusting
  • Four 10″ wide x 8″ high steel rear rollers with 2″ axles and grease fittings
  • Two 4″x 4″ solid steel front rollers with 1½” axles and grease fittings
  • Door construction is 7-gauge steel plate and reinforced with 2″ x 3″ x 3/16″ structural steel tubing and cross beams
  • Door latch located on driver’s side of the container for maximum safety
  • Door latch is a ratchet locking system
  • Door hinges are heavy duty 11/4″ x 14″ piano-type hinge assembly with grease fittings
  • Pull plate 3/4″ with 1½” reinforced hook and ½” x 2″ sag bar
  • Constructed to fit Ampiroll, Stellar American Hook Lift, Multi-Lift Vulcan Swap-Loader and Dead Lift
  • All containers are Phosphotized cleaned and primed to 1.5 mil and painted to 1.5 mil on all interior and exterior surfaces

We’ll deliver the just-right compactor receiver box to fit your needs.

Here’s the skinny:

Model Cubic yards Skid Width Height
NROR-2114 21 14′ 84″ 72″
NROR-2514 25 16′ 84″ 84″
NROR-2416 24 16′ 84″ 72″
NROR-2816 28 16′ 84″ 84″
NROR-2718 27 18′ 84″ 72″
NROR-3018 30 18′ 84″ 84″
NROR-4020 40 20′ 84″ 90″
NROR-4222 42 22′ 84″ 90″

We want you to get exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ll customize a compactor receiver box that’s right for you.

Consider options like:

  • Octagon style design
  • Rectangle style design
  • Range of available container hook-ups
  • Variety of color options, with custom color-matching also available

Steel product color chart

Red Enamel
Maroon Enamel
Armor Yellow
Nedland Gray
Chicagoland Gray
Brown Cocoa Enamel
Dark Brown
Black Enamel
Blue Enamel
Medium Blue
Allied Blue
U.S. Waste Green
Forest Green
Shamrock Green

We manufacture an outstanding compactor receiver box — and we stand behind it with a one-year warranty on all labor, parts, and workmanship.

Download our warranty