Commercial Compactors

Nedland commercial compactors

Among the largest compaction forces in the waste equipment industry. Quietest on the market, hands-down. If you’re looking for commercial compactors that will stand the test of time—and a partner that will deliver value to your business, before and after the sale—Nedland delivers.

  • Industry’s first completely submerged motors for continuous lubrication—extending the life of your compactor over other dry power units
  • Industry’s only commercial compactor that runs rams over UHMW nylon for far quieter operation and extended life over competitive products, which use shoes to guide the rams or run steel-on-steel
  • Leverages PLC-controlled power units, preventing short-stroking and damage to compactor arms you might otherwise experience with limit switch and pressure switch-controlled units
  • Only commercial trash compactor with hoses rated to 4000 psi—protecting you from blown hoses
  • The industry’s only compactor equipped with biodegradable synthetic oil, standard—helping you meet your commitment to environmental sustainability
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