Roll-Off Systems

gooseneck dump trailer with detachable hitch

Roll-off systems take a beating, day-in and day-out. And, since durability increases your ROI, it’s critical that the roll-off trailers, hoists, and dumpsters you purchase are up to the task.

Choose Nedland.

We were the first to bring a roll-off system to market—our EZrolloff line of hoists, trailers, and boxes. And, never ones to rest on our laurels, we’ve made continuous manufacturing and design improvements ever since—ensuring you get outstanding durability and ease-of-use:

  • Cable never touches cable for exceptional longevity
  • High quality construction comparable to large roll-off trucks
  • Dumpsters compatible with large roll-off trucks for added flexibility
  • Lowest cost maintenance design—all you need is a grease gun
  • Best warranty in the waste management industry

Is EZrolloff right for you? Our roll-off systems are smaller and more maneuverable, making them ideal for:

  • Scrap and garbage haulers
  • Construction and roofing companies
  • Landscapers and tree care service providers
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