EZrolloff Roll-Off Trailers

Get the exceptional construction you’d expect from the big roll-off trucks—without the big truck CDL requirement.

  • 12,000 lbs.
  • 16,000 lbs.
  • 20,000 lbs.
  • 24,000 lbs.

Our roll-off trailers give you the high-quality construction you’d expect from the big trucks—with the advantage of a system that doesn’t require a CDL to operate.

Recognized as the leading roll-off trailer on the market, our system uses a standard outside cable pull—pulling dumpsters from the bottom rather than the top for greater control. And, our industry-standard rails give you the freedom to service dumpsters from both an EZrolloff trailer or a large roll-off truck—and they mean you can purchase dumpsters from nearly any manufacturer (meaning, we don’t lock you into our dumpsters as some manufacturers do).

Offering the lowest cost maintenance design and the waste equipment industry’s best warranty, EZrolloff trailers deliver the ease and dependability your business can rely on.

  • Reeving cylinder cable system with a UHMW slide pulley block and tackle set-up to ensure cable never comes in contact with itself for reduced maintenance and safe, quiet operation
  • 13 HP Honda engine with 2-stage pump for exceptional pull performance
  • 4-function wireless remote with back-up manual controls for greater control over where dumpsters are placed
  • Manual override to continue operating the roll-off system without the hand pendant
  • Counterbalanced safety lock valves directly mounted on hydraulic cylinders for improved worker safety
  • Tipp frame and hydraulic tongue jack to lift all 4 tires off the ground for easy maintenance
  • Recessed grease zerks on every shaft make for easy maintenance, ensuring minimal-to-non-existent breakage
  • Bronze bushings with figure-8 grease grooves on all rail rollers and sheaves to grease the entire shaft in a single rotation of the part
  • Electric solenoid valves with LED light indicators to easily diagnose issues in the uncommon event of a malfunction
  • Oil bath hubs to easily monitor and maintain fluid levels
  • Oil filter and fluid temperature gauges for proper maintenance
  • Bolted-on torflex axles for a smooth ride and easy replacement
  • Bolted-on fenders for easy replacement
  • Phosphatized-cleaned and powder-coat primed and painted frame to resist chips, scratches, and fading
  • Pintel or detachable gooseneck hitch for added towing flexibility
  • Synthetic biodegradable hydraulic oil to support your commitment to environmentally-friendly operation

Trailer Unit Dimensions Approx. Weight
12,000 lb 100” W x 211” L 3500 lbs
16,000 lb 101” W x 261” L 4530 lbs
20,000 lb 101” W x 261” L 5420 lbs
24,000 lb 101” W x 261” L 6190 lbs
  • 51-degree dump angle
  • 6” x 3” x 3/8” wall tube hoist frame
  • 5” x 3” x 3/8” wall tube main frame
  • 5/8” plate front stops
  • Automatic mechanical safety locks
  • (2) 4” x 48” x 2” chrome rods hoist cylinders
  • (2) 4” x 48” x 2” nitro rods winch cylinders
  • 5/8” Cable
  • 3” O.D. with bronze bearing, greaseable outside rollers
  • 8” O.D with bronze bearing, greaseable cable sheaves
  • 192” cable travel
  • 1-1/2” solid hinge shaft with grease zerks
  • 25 cubic yard maximum dumpster size
  • 13 HP Honda engine with electric start, backup recoil start, and 10/2 gpm pump at 2000 psi
  • Primed to 1.5 mil and painted to 1.5 mil on entire frame surface
  • Aluminum diamond plate motor cover
  • Tread Plate side steps
  • (12) 16.5 LT load F tires
  • Torflex axles 8,000 lbs with electric brakes
  • 16-gallon reservoir/dual filtration
  • Approximate operating times: 22 seconds down, 53 seconds on, 47 seconds off

12,000 lb Trailer

16,000 lb Trailer

20,000 lb Trailer

24,000 lb Trailer

  • Wired truck hoists—add one to your truck and tow a trailer behind
  • Roll-off flatbed attachment
  • Semi-automatic tarping system
  • Fully-automatic tarping system with wireless remote control
  • Roll-off dumpsters
  • Detachable gooseneck hitch

Our trailers are built to last—and we stand behind that statement.

Each Nedland roll off flatbed is backed by our five-year warranty.

Download our warranty

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