Detachable Roll-Off Gooseneck Hitch

Our detachable roll-off gooseneck hitch not only looks doggone cool, but it also empowers you to more easily maneuver into tight spaces than a standard gooseneck.

Our gooseneck empowers you to make tighter turns.

What’s more, it’s the only detachable roll-off gooseneck hitch on the market—giving you the flexibility to unbolt it and haul your roll-off trailer with a pintle hitch set-up should you run into trouble with your truck.

  • Unique curved pipe construction helps you carry weight over your rear axle—and supports tighter turns
  • (7) grade 8 bolts secure your gooseneck—and they can be unbolted, giving you the flexibility to detach and haul with a pintle hitch setup
  • Welded eyelets enable you to lift and remove the gooseneck with a chain
  • Electrical wiring can be easily unhooked from the connector on the main frame of your trailer and plugged directly into the truck
  • LED lights and reflective DOT tape give your gooseneck added visibility on dark roads
  • Adjustable hitch neck ensures your trailer rides level with your truck
  • Safety chains and a brake safety switch protect you from breakaway crashes
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