Semi-Automatic Roll-Off Tarp System

Tarp your roll-off dumpsters in a blink with an affordable, easy-to-use RollRite semi-auto tarp system.

When you implement a semi-automatic roll-off tarp system, you’ll eliminate the tedious tinkering that gets in the way of moving dumpsters—and making money.

While not a completely hands-off solution, you’ll spend 30-40% less than a fully-auto tarp system—making this a great middle-of-the-road option for your roll-off trailer.

Thanks to our trusted friends at RollRite, you can count on a tarp custom made to fit your Nedland equipment—and we’ll always have parts in stock should you ever need to make a repair.

Note: We don’t recommend this system for your roll-off trucks. Extending the tarp from a rope that’s dangling eight feet over your head is, to be blunt, a royal pain in the butt.

  • Arms deploy your roll-off tarp in an arc—preventing tears otherwise caused by manually pulling your tarp along sharp edges
  • Tarp pleats give you the slack you need to stretch your tarp over the sides of your box for complete coverage
  • Tarp eyelets make bungeeing a snap
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