Growing your roll-off business—with Google My Business

Google My Business listing

So, you want to grow your roll-off business? Sounds great.

Of course, when you’re a small dumpster rental business, you’re often juggling lots of plates and wearing lots of hats. (In short, you’re quite a picture.) And, amid all that furious hat-swapping and plate-spinning, you may be neglecting a free, simple, high-impact opportunity to raise the visibility of your business and drive sales.

And, that’s Google My Business.

Just think about it: What’s the first thing most people do when looking for roll-off dumpster rentals? Hit the Googles, of course.

That’s where your Google My Business listing comes in.

When you claim and optimize your listing, you can:

  • Increase your visibility in local search—you know, those valuable “roll-off rentals near me” searches
  • Increase trust in your services with third-party validation (that’s right, reviews!)
  • Drive leads with call and text messaging options right from the Google search results page
  • Boost customer interest with company news and special offer announcements

Even better: It’s easy to do.

You just need a Google account to get started. (Don’t have one? Create one right here—you’ll be done in two shakes.)

Okay, let’s get started.

Make your business more visible—claim your Google My Business listing

So, you have a Google account. Now, visit the Google My Business web page and click the “Manage now” button to search for your listing. If your business doesn’t appear, don’t sweat it. You can add a new one.

From here, just add the basics—assign your business to the most relevant category and add your address, website, and phone number.

Then, to unlock opportunities to better nurture your roll-off customers and boost your visibility, be sure to verify your listing. You can do this by postcard, email, phone, or Google Search Console if you’re tech-savvy.

Drive leads with Google My Business listing optimization

Okay, you’ve added the basics. Now, let’s optimize that listing so it’s firing on all lead-generation engines.

Here’s what you’ll want to do.

Flesh out your listing to communicate your value

First, you’ll want to click the Info tab and add your business description. Google gives you 750 characters to sell your services, but keep in mind that only the first 250 will appear on the Knowledge Panel—that visual block on Google search results pages—before the prospect has to click the More link. So, make sure you pitch your value right from the start.

While you’re at it, complete every field within the Info section that’s relevant to your business—adding business hours, products and services, and attributes, like veteran-led and online appointments available if they apply.

Finally, click Photos to add a cover image, your logo, photos of your business location, your roll-off trucks and containers, and your team. Not only do these images make your listing more visually arresting—attracting those valuable eyeballs—but they can lend additional legitimacy to your business, influencing a higher contact rate.

Have a promo video? Super. Be sure to add that too.

Solicit customer reviews to deliver powerful social proof

Okay, so someone’s searching for a rental dumpster and one local business listing has 17 five-star reviews, one has a host of negative reviews, and one doesn’t have any reviews at all. 

Which business are they most likely to call? Yep, you guessed it.

This social proof is a tremendously powerful way to influence your prospective customers to choose you.

So, how do you get reviews? 

The old-fashioned way: Ask. But—and this goes without saying—make it easy when you do.

Go to your Google My Business dashboard and click the “See your profile” button. Then, in your Knowledge Panel, click the “Get reviews” button and copy that link. 

When you reach out to your customers, let them know you appreciate their business, ask if they’d take just a minute to give you a Google review—and share that link. It will trigger your Google review pop-up window so sharing their kind words is mindlessly easy.

(This is our Google review link. Give it a click to see how simple this becomes and, hey, maybe drop a review while you’re there.)

Set up instant messaging to drive new roll-off leads

It’s the digital age. Many people are far more comfortable shooting an instant message than they are picking up the phone these days. So, allow your customers to connect with you via their preferred communication channels.

Google makes it pretty simple when you enable instant messaging.

Just select Messaging from your Google My Business menu, toggle the “turn on messaging” option, and enable browser notifications, so you don’t miss a business opportunity. When you do, your prospective customers will have a fast, stress-free way to request quotes—all right from your business profile or Google Maps.

(Just keep in mind that if you don’t respond within 24 hours, on average, Google may turn off your messaging button.)

Keep your Google My Business listing updated to influence sales

Okay, so you’re live. Fabulous. Just know that, while Google My Business can be a set-it-and-forget-it opportunity, it’s all the more powerful when you tend to it.

Respond to reviews, demonstrating your excellent service

Don’t forget to thank customers for their positive reviews—and be sure to also reply to those who maybe weren’t thrilled with your service. By letting them know you’re committed to keeping customers happy and inviting them to discuss the situation over the phone, you may find a solution that your business can learn from and that brings them around. And, even if you don’t, every other prospective customer who reads your reviews will see you making an effort to keep customer satisfaction high—and that’s important, too.

Just a word of advice: Be genuine. When customers sense they’re getting the same copy/paste corporate-style message that everyone else receives, that can be a big turn-off.

Share updates and special offers to generate interest

Are you adding a new waste management service to your business? Will you be driving your roll-off trailer in a local parade? Do you have a special fall offer to drive new leads?

Google allows you to give this content added visibility. Just go to the menu and select Posts. From here, you can share your news and offers—and add call-to-action buttons, making it easy for prospects to learn more.

Google My Business is your business’s best friend

Many times, small, lean businesses, like yours, don’t have the in-house expertise or budgets necessary to effectively market their businesses to broad audiences. Google My Business gives you that powerful tool to create visibility, drive leads, and generate sustainable business growth.

So, if you haven’t claimed your business listing yet—or you haven’t taken advantage of some of its most critical features—make time for it now. This is a simple, no-cost marketing solution that no small business should be without.

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