The clever overfilled dumpster solution for roll-off businesses like yours

dumpster with fill lines

Overfilled dumpsters. Repeat trips because your customers underestimated how much waste they needed to move.

If you’ve been in the roll-off business long enough for the paint to dry on your containers, then you’ve encountered these problems—and they’re problems worth addressing.

After all, it’s not exactly fun to call up a customer to let them know you’ll be sending them a bigger bill than they expected—and those unnecessary second trips cut into your efficiency, when boxes could be making you money at a different location. Worse, if you’re a long way from the dump, those extra runs mean more time behind the wheel.

The good news?

We have an easy solution for you—and all it will cost you is some painter’s tape and a can of Rust-Oleum.

First things first—about the size of your roll-off containers

We often get calls from business owners, just like you, who are purchasing 10, 15, and 20-yard containers to deliver against varying customer needs.

Sounds well and good on the face, but if there’s one universal truth in this business, it’s that customers always have more waste than they realize. Always.

Now, if you run 20-yard roll-off dumpsters, you’ll have one box that can do every job and you’ll be more likely to save yourself those repeat trips.

But what about those customers who really do have a 10 or 15-yard job? How do you give them stepped pricing?

That’s where that $6 can of paint comes in. 

The value of waste fill lines

When you mark the interiors of your roll-off dumpsters with 10 and 15-yard fill lines, your 20-yard dumpsters can then serve every job—all while putting your customers in control of their bills.

Did they tell you they had 10 yards of waste but filled it to the 15? Then, those larger bills won’t be a surprise. And, they’ll have the convenience of adding more waste if they choose, without incurring a second trip fee.

No surprises, more flexibility—it has all the makings for a happy customer.

Sure, you’ll have to touch up that paint a time or two, but it only takes a minute and it’s well worth your time.

A few common roll off questions, answered

You may be wondering if you can order your Nedland roll-off dumpsters with these 10 and 15-yard indicator lines, and the answer is no.

As your containers will be stacked for shipping, those crisp paint lines would be scratched up by the time they made delivery. Far better to do the job yourself.

Okay, the approach sounds good, but why not invest in 25-yard containers and offer four pricing options to your customers?

Simple. They’re just not as user-friendly. Those suckers are 89-inches tall, which makes hoisting heavy waste a bit (okay, a lot) of a back-buster. That’s not good for your customers or your word-of-mouth advertising.

So, stick to the 20s and deliver the options your customers want with a simple DIY project you can knock out on a sunny summer afternoon.

Sound like an approach you want to try? Just give us a shout and we’ll get you the measurements you need to get started.

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