rolloff truck with custom chipper box

Rolloff trailer accessories and custom manufacturing mean their applications are limited only by your imagination

Nedland Waste Management Equipment

Yes, our rolloff trailers and containers are used extensively by the waste industry—but that’s simply where the story of our multi-use EZrolloff system begins. That’s because we regularly partner with customers to solve the business challenges other rolloff manufacturers won’t touch.  Fueled by our passion for innovation, we’ve evolved our rolloff accessories and custom manufacturing capabilities to put our EZrolloff …

plastic dumpster

Buy plastic trash dumpsters—and say goodbye to heavy, high-maintenance steel

Nedland Waste Management Equipment

On the hunt for steel dumpsters? We encourage you to take a moment to seriously consider plastic trash dumpsters before you place your order. We manufacture both steel and plastic containers—and the price point is nearly the same—so we feel we can stand confidently atop our soapbox and speak the truth. Unless you’re battling bears, heaving 50-pound blocks of cement, …

roll off hoist

Buying a Roll Off Hoist – Your Dumpster Rental Workhorse

Nedland Waste Management Equipment

The dumpster rental business can be a profitable sector within the waste management industry. (Provided you’re not losing your shirt on equipment maintenance and replacement costs, of course.) So, before you lay your money down on a roll off hoist, you’d be wise to gain a full understanding of the features available from the various roll off manufacturers. The fact …

commercial compactor

Commercial Compactors Offer 7 Big Benefits Over Open Garbage Bins

Nedland Waste Management Equipment

Commercial compactors offer some seriously big benefits that make them a waste management equipment best bet. So, if you’re still using open garbage bins, it’s time to seriously rethink. And here’s why: 1. Commercial compactors cut costs. If you’re using open garbage containers, you’re absorbing the highest possible waste removal cost per cubic yard. Make the switch to commercial compactors, …

2 yard stationary compactor

Industrial Compactors – Top 10 Things to Consider Before You Buy Yours

Nedland Waste Management Equipment

Maybe it’s loose garbage blowing across your parking lot that has you rethinking your open bins. Or, maybe it’s stomach-turning odors and pest problems. Regardless of the reason, you’ve decided industrial compactors are the way to go. But how do you know you’re getting a great quality product? We’ll help arm you with the information you need to get the …

3 yard stationary compactor

Solid Waste Equipment: Why Weld Quality Matters

Nedland Waste Management Equipment

If you’re planning to purchase solid waste equipment for the first time—or you’ve decided this is the year you’ll replace your aging commercial compactors or containers, you’d be wise to look “under the hood.” A product made from high quality materials and with sound manufacturing processes may appear to cost a bit more when you simply compare list prices, but …