Roll-Off Tarp Systems Secure Your Waste—Headache-Free

roll-off tarp system

You know the importance of tarping roll-off dumpsters before you hit the open road. Flying debris makes for unhappy customers, and it invites the DOT and DNR to pay you a visit—not to mention that it could also result in an accident.

Of course, bungee strapping tarps by hand is a time-consuming pain in the neck—especially if you’re a one-person show.

Enter, roll-off tarp systems

Tarping systems:

  • Make securing waste fast and easy
  • Deploy tarps in an arching motion, preventing them from getting caught on sharp waste edges and ripping
  • Keep your feet on solid ground, preventing the kinds of falls from roll-off trucks that could put you out of commission

Granted, we’re not a tarping systems manufacturer, but we do regularly outfit our EZrolloff trailers and roll-off trucks with them—and we’ve learned a thing or three over the years.

So, when we get tarping system questions from folks—which happens all the time, by the way—we want to help.

“Are they really worth it?” “Is a semi-auto or fully-auto tarp system right for my needs and budget?”

Here’s what you should know.

All quality roll-off tarp systems deliver important benefits

You have essentially two options when selecting a tarp system for your roll-off truck or trailer: Semi-automatic and fully-automatic.

Both systems simplify the work it takes to effectively tarp a load. And, both make tarping a container far faster, too. Where securing a roll-off dumpster load by hand might take you 15 minutes, with a tarp system, you’ll be done in just a few minutes.

And, in a business where operating efficiently is essential, systems that save you time and hassle translate to a stronger bottom line.

Is a semi-automatic tarp system the right choice?

With a semi-auto system, you still have to roll up your sleeves and do a little work—pulling the tarp to the back and tying it off. It is, however, a faster, simpler process that also protects your tarp from damage.

While not as convenient as fully-auto systems, the price tag on semi-auto systems can run 30-40% less. And, that makes them an attractive option for roll-off businesses looking for a better way—while also keeping their eagle eyes trained on the bottom line.

Now, a word from the wise: Where the semi-auto system is a great solution for your roll-off trailer, we do caution folks from implementing this type of a system on a roll-off truck. That’s because extending and retracting the tarp while the rope is suspended eight feet above your head is, quite simply, a royal pain in the butt.

Is a fully automatic tarp system your best option?

As someone once shared, “It’s sweet—I’m not gonna lie.” That’s because an automatic tarp system is quite literally touch-of-a-button simple—and who doesn’t love a solution that does all of the work for you?

While fully auto systems do cost a bit more, they also make tarping loads fast and mindlessly simple.

And, because you don’t have to manipulate the tarp or tie it down at the back of your truck or trailer, you can just press the button, unhook your can at the next customer site, and be quickly on your way. Even better, you can press the button, open your can door, and dump swiftly the next time you pull up to a “fragrant” incinerator. And, who doesn’t want to work fast when noxious odors are helping you revisit your lunch?

We’re here to help.

Have questions? Give us a shout. We’re happy to discuss the unique needs of your business and point you to the roll-off tarp system that’s your best fit.

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