Roll-Off Trailer Applications are Limited Only by Your Imagination

Roll off truck with a chipper box

Yes, our rolloff trailers and containers are used extensively by the waste industry—but that’s simply where the story of our multi-use EZrolloff system begins.

That’s because we regularly partner with customers to solve the business challenges other rolloff manufacturers won’t touch. 

Fueled by our passion for innovation, we’ve evolved our rolloff accessories and custom manufacturing capabilities to put our EZrolloff system to work across a range of interesting applications—from fire suppression and landscaping to snow removal and tree care.

It all begins with a challenge—and the spark of an idea

We’re one of the very few rolloff manufacturers that does custom work—and it’s a manufacturing challenge we relish.

Whether customers call with a fully-formed plan—or a nebulous idea that needs definition, we walk through their needs and review the trailer system sketches they’ve imagined.

From there, we marry their ideas and our manufacturing expertise to draw up an executable rolloff system design in CAD.

Then, thanks to our flexible manufacturing line, we build the EZrolloff frames that serve as our solid foundation and deliver them to a bay for custom manufacturing.

Closely collaborating with our customers in this way has allowed us the opportunity to successfully take on some unique challenges.

recycling dumpster

Supporting aerial firefighting efforts with custom rolloff water tanks

The American West has faced increasingly intense wildfires. And, water scarcity has made battling those dangerous fires all the more difficult.

So, when a Reno-area forest fire service contacted us for help, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Their challenge: To easily and affordably deliver water storage tanks to remote staging sites. These strategically placed water tanks would be crucial to their fire suppression efforts, as they’d reduce the flight time necessary to retrieve water and keep helicopter pilots fully engaged on the fire’s frontlines.

The good news: The fire service already owned a fleet of pickup trucks. And, that meant they could haul containers with our EZrolloff trailers—a smaller, highly maneuverable rolloff system that doesn’t require CDL drivers or investment in expensive semi-trucks.

Our conversation then turned to their need for specially-painted water storage tanks. The orange exterior, blue interior, and white fill tubes would give aerial firefighters the visibility necessary to dip for water while still in flight, hastening their return to the fire.

fire suppression water tanks

The project proved to be a success. In fact, the Nevada fire service passed along our name to a California fire service when they, too, began their search for easy-to-haul, custom-built water storage tanks.

Adding snow removal equipment to keep a small rolloff business humming year-round

In some parts of the country, demand for rolloffs comes to a screeching halt once the snow flies.

Yet, what some saw as a challenge, one customer saw as an opportunity.

We built him a custom dump body that was equipped with an auger system and also cut around his exhaust system. With a plow installed on the front end of his truck, you guessed it—he had the tools necessary to plow snow and spray a dirt-salt mix on his routes.

This set-up allowed him to deliver profitable services in the long winter months and then easily switch over to his rolloff business come spring—keeping his small business busy in all seasons.

Customizing rolloff trucks and containers to support the tree care service industry

Single-use containers are perfectly acceptable in some cases. In others, added flexibility means businesses can expand their services or reduce their investment in specialized boxes.

In the case of several tree care businesses, we manufactured rolloff containers with bolted-on roofs. This feature enabled them to blow chipped brush into their containers and safely haul away debris, while also preserving the option of un-bolting and removing the lids to use the boxes as standard rolloff containers.

rolloff truck with custom chipper box

In consultation with our customers, we implemented other industry-specific customizations to their rolloff trucks, as well, including special racks for hauling ladders and cabinets for rope and equipment storage.

Maximizing flatbed flexibility for the landscape industry

Equipment that offers a degree of flexibility can often support business efficiency. That’s certainly the case for the landscapers who’ve requested our custom rolloff flatbed trailers.

Landscapers need to maximize their use of trailer space, and, in the case of trailers with dovetailed walls, a 16-foot trailer may only offer 13’ of usable storage length. With our folding ramps, however, our landscaping customers could take advantage of every square inch.

We also manufactured roll off trailers with flatbed attachments and folding sidewalls, enabling landscapers to treat their trailers as true flatbeds—or create boxes that safely hauled landscape rock, for example. Once on-site, these folding walls empowered them to unload their landscaping materials from the back or either side of the trailer—a significant benefit when they worked in confined spaces.

rolloff flatbed trailer attachment

Need a rolloff system that meets the unique needs of your business?

Let’s talk.

Not only were we the first to market with a rolloff trailer system, but we’ve also made continuous improvements ever since. And, that means rolloff trailers, hoists, and containers that deliver market-leading durability, ease-of-use, and lowest cost maintenance design.

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