Roll-Off Containers

Blue steel roll off container for the waste management industry

Our roll-off containers will outlast the competition. On that point, there’s no question.

That’s because our quality-built containers are backed by more than sixty years of design and manufacturing experience. And our service? It simply can’t be beat.

So, if you’re a garbage hauler or municipality, a recycling company or construction business, your search for roll-off containers you can count on is over.

Why Nedland?

Choose Nedland roll-off containers

Quality matters—quality design, construction, and service. And you can count on just that when you purchase your roll-off containers from us.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Our open top roll-off containers are built heavier than the other guys, featuring prime, high-quality steel plate and structural steel channel and tubing (these roll-off containers are built to be used and abused by the waste industry)
  • Our construction features full weldments and strong hinges, as well as quality prime and paint jobs, inside and out
  • Our service, before and after the sale, is unmatched—you’ll get personal, responsive service, where and when you need it

Impressive roll-off container features

From start to finish, our roll-off containers are built with the highest quality materials and using the highest construction standards around.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Phosphatize-cleaned, inside and out
  • Primed to 1.5 mil on all interior and exterior surfaces
  • Painted to 1.5 mil on all interior and exterior surfaces
  • All interior and exterior wall to floor joints are continuous weldments
  • Door hinges are heavy duty 1 ¼” x 14” long (piano) type hinge with grease fittings
  • Door latches are located on the driver side of the container for maximum safety
  • All side and top supports have drain holes to help prevent against rusting
  • Roll-off containers are standard cable pull and ampiroll constructed to fit Stellar American Hook Lift, Multi-Lift Vulcan Swap-Loader, and Dead Lift systems

Roll off container options you’ll want to consider

We manufacture a variety of roll off containers to suit your specific needs:


Steel product color chart

Red Enamel
Maroon Enamel
Armor Yellow
Nedland Gray
Chicagoland Gray
Brown Cocoa Enamel
Dark Brown
Black Enamel
Blue Enamel
Medium Blue
Allied Blue
U.S. Waste Green
Forest Green
Shamrock Green

Nedland roll-off container benefits

Our containers are simply a better quality product.

And, that means the roll-off containers you purchase from us will not only last longer, they’ll cost less to maintain.