Buying a Roll Off Hoist – Your Dumpster Rental Workhorse

Roll off truck hoist

The dumpster rental business can be a profitable sector within the waste management industry. (Provided you’re not losing your shirt on equipment maintenance and replacement costs, of course.)

So, before you lay your money down on a roll off hoist, you’d be wise to gain a full understanding of the features available from the various roll off manufacturers.

The fact is – a roll off hoist is the workhorse of your dumpster rental business. And, your choice can either prove to be a sound business investment – or a bank breaker.

Here’s what we recommend you keep in mind…

Roll off cable system

When it comes to the cable system, we wouldn’t give a roll off hoist equipped with a warn winch a second look. With this winding drum set-up, the cable is wound round itself on a cylinder – and that direct contact speeds cable wear and increases maintenance costs.

Instead, we’d recommend you narrow the field to include only those that feature reeving cylinders. This set-up eliminates that troublesome cable-on-cable contact, ensuring you get more life out of your cable.

Hoist controls

The hoist controls available on your roll off system can limit you – or free you.

Some models offer manual control levers for the World’s Strongest Men among you, while others are fixed to the hoist or are operated by pendants with coil cords. None of these offer you the freedom to move around your roll off truck.

As you might imagine, tarping a load or ensuring your roll off box has been placed correctly is really only possible when you can mosey. And, that’s why we suggest you select a truck hoist that allows you to operate it from a wireless remote control, giving you the benefit of a better vantage point.

Hydraulic valve

Sure, you can use your muscle to offload a roll off container, but this is a tough enough job already, right?

Hydraulic valves, however, offer the ease-of-use that allows just about anyone to operate the roll off hoist.

Of course, things can and do go wrong, so make sure the hoist you choose can report system malfunctions and offers a manual override so you can continue about your day.

Safety lock valves

It goes without saying – your safety is paramount.

Any roll off hoist you purchase should feature safety lock valves, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing a roll off container won’t come slamming down on your arm should something catastrophic happen.

Paint process

It still surprises us where some roll off manufacturers choose to cut corners. The paint process is one of them.

A beautiful, long-lasting paint job not only gives your dumpster rental business a more professional appearance, it extends the life of your equipment.

We recommend that any roll off hoist you purchase (or any other waste management equipment you buy for that matter) is primed and painted, inside and out, using a powder coat paint process. That’s because powder coating is more resistant to chipping and fading.

We also encourage you to seek out equipment that has first been phosphatize-cleaned to extend the life of your paint job and prevent corrosion.

Roll off construction that’s easy to maintain

We suggest you look for a roll off hoist constructed with grease zerks and bronze bushings cut with figure eight grease grooves.


For starters, grease zerks make it far easier for you to grease your roll off hoist. They should be present on every shaft and should be recessed to minimize the possibility of breakage.

As for bronze bushings, they should be used on all rail rollers and sheaves. And, when cut with a figure eight grease groove, they allow you to grease the entire shaft in a single rotation of the part.

(We’d caution you from a hoist that doesn’t feature a figure eight grease groove. This type of construction makes removing the shaft and accessing the bushing tricky at best.)

Manufacturer’s warranty

We encourage you to take a close look at the fine print. How long is the roll off manufacturer willing to stand behind their product?

This is an important consideration – especially when you’re taking a chance on a less expensive model constructed from cheaper components. So, do your homework and make sure you’re not holding the bill should something fail far earlier than expected.

In the end, a well-constructed roll off hoist can contribute to the profitability of your dumpster rental business – and keep you from pulling out your hair in the process. So, do your research and choose wisely.

Have a question about roll off hoists? We’d be happy to field it. Please give us a shout.

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