Why Exceptional Customer Care Matters—For You and Your Business Growth

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No matter the type of relationship—professional or personal—trust and communication are key. That holds especially true in the waste management world.

Your suppliers rely on you, and you rely on them. But it’s a relationship that should be built on more than transactions. It’s about partnership—and, ultimately, a partnership that drives your business growth.

Let’s face it: even the highest quality equipment is going to need replacing now and then. When you need a new part, or if you’re just starting to build your waste management business and have questions, you need to know you can:

  • Quickly get in touch with actual human beings—not an automated system
  • Rely on your vendor to get the job done

Speaking with someone who understands your needs

Yes, it’s true that larger corporations can hire more customer service agents. But what happens when the customer service agent you’re speaking with…doesn’t actually have an answer to your technical question? It’s nearly impossible for call agents to know everything.

When you give us a jingle, you’ll speak with one of us—a Nedland—directly. And, since we’ve been in this business for three generations, you can count on us to answer your questions and provide the value-added insight that helps accelerate your business growth.

That’s important to us.

Just a few weeks back, for instance, we got a call from a prospective customer—he was running into quality issues and on the hunt for another plastic dumpster supplier. He shared his surprise when, not only did he not get dropped into a phone directory system, he spoke to someone from the Nedland family. What’s more, he appreciated our quick follow-up—we didn’t leave him waiting for an answer like he’d experienced elsewhere.

Our customer service approach is one thing that really sets us apart. Unlike larger corporations, we don’t outsource your concerns. We welcome them.

Whether you’re looking for a commercial compactor that will stand the test of time, you have a question about an EZrolloff hoist or a Poly Dura Kan dumpster, or you want to move forward with us but need help finding someone to finance your purchase, you’ll speak directly to an expert and get the support you need right away.

Time is money—we value yours

Getting connected to the right person is the biggest hurdle in a customer’s experience. But, what’s also vital is ensuring that you get answers on your schedule.

Large corporations all have the same tag phrase—“We value your business.” If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that a company that truly values your business will value your time. We won’t make you sit on hold for ages because we know that’s an hour or two you could spend turning a profit.

That’s why we remove the middle-man. Less hours of your day spent waiting to connect with a customer service rep—before even getting the answer you actually need—means you won’t lose any business on our account.

Reliable, trusted waste management insight

The bottom line? Too many larger corporations forget that this business is not about sales.
It’s about the relationships you make that lead to trusting business partnerships and growth.

High-quality customer care is not an act for us. We don’t take your money and run. With us, you’ll get the same respectful, top-notch care, and insight at all stages—before, during, and after a sale.

After all, you don’t need just another equipment provider.

You need a committed business partner—one whose honest, helpful, and timely response is not only refreshing but, even more importantly, helps you maintain a sustainable revenue stream and grow your business.

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