Roll Off Dumpster Decals – Stick ‘Em Where the Sun Shines

Commercial compactor with marketing decals

It happens more often than he’d like to admit. Cory Nedland will be sitting at his desk or out on the floor when he answers an incoming call… “Yeah, can you guys spin by with an empty dumpster? Ours is full.” Unfortunately, we manufacture roll off containers, we don’t service them.

It’s yet another case of a contractor who has forgotten or misplaced their rental contact information. And, with Nedland the only name on the container, the call is all but guaranteed. Cory has also received variations of these calls when a contractor needs a roll off dumpster temporarily moved or permanently relocated by the city or property owner because of permit issues or street or parking lot cleanup, as well.

How can you help reduce or eliminate the wasted time and frustrations on the part of your customers?

Well, you slap a sticker on that sucker!

We’re not talking about the ones touting the knowledge of your honor student or that read, “On the seventh day, God created Olympia beer.” No, no…we’re talking about the high quality, branded type that set you apart from your competition—while also letting everyone know who you are and how they can contact you.

As a roll off business, you have at your “disposal” some of the most valuable, cost-effective advertising space available. Your products are virtual, mobile billboards that can help you reach anywhere from hundreds to thousands of people who drive, bike, or walk past your containers every day. Having your logo, business name, phone number, and website address emblazoned on your roll off dumpsters and carts can also result in some very valuable leads.

So, what type of information should you include on your dumpster decals?

Well, it really depends upon your needs. Your decals can include anything from the basics to high-tech options. Every decal should include your business name and phone number as a starting point. If you want to brand your containers a little more, including your logo and possibly your slogan on your decals will get you noticed by even more people. Want to pre-qualify some of those people who are certain to call? Include your website address so they know where to find your rental pricing, service areas, and container options and you’ll save yourself some valuable time in the future.

Many container providers are also choosing to add UPC codes to their container decals as a way to help track the location of their assets. Combined with specialty tracking software and a modern smartphone, you can now keep tabs on your roll off container inventory by having your drivers scan each container upon delivery and pick up.

Want to really get noticed? Have Nedland coordinate your decals with one of their 16 stock roll off container paint colors or custom match with your company’s brand color.

Why don’t I just paint this information on my containers, you ask?

Well, there are many reasons.

It’s been found that decals hold up better than paint. In the situation where a decal is damaged, they’re also much easier to replace. Lastly, if any of your contact information ever changes, it’s much cheaper to have new decals printed and applied.

So, where do you start?

Custom decals can be designed and printed by many local and online decal companies. Of course, pricing and quality vary across the board.

Since we’ve already done the legwork, as have our customers, we thought we’d share the companies we’d recommend:

  1. D-Lux
  2. Vernon Company

Are you the type that has trouble hanging a picture straight? Send your decals to us and we’ll apply them to any of your new Nedland containers prior to shipping. No hassle, no stress, no charge!

What about my plastic dumpsters?

Good question. Decals can work really well on plastic dumpsters, but you need to be vigilant regarding the adhesive and the conditions in which they’re applied.


The first and most important step is to make sure your decals have high-tack glue. With the proper adhesive accounted for, it’s then all a matter of preparation for a successful stick. When we apply decals before sending our plastic containers out the door, we make sure the application surface is clean and warm. To do this, we warm the plastic with a torch for ultimate stickiness.

If this sounds like too much work, there are other options for branding your plastic containers, including hot stamps and mold-in logos.

Hot Stamp Logos

As the name implies, hot stamps are similar to the branding process for cows, only on plastic. Hot stamping is the less expensive of the two methods, which can be good and bad. Good, because it costs less. Bad because it’s less durable, looks and feels rough to the touch, and therefore, doesn’t look as attractive.

Mold-In Logos

The Cinderella to the hot stamp “ugly stepsister,” mold-ins are placed inside of the container mold before the mold is filled with plastic. In this process the logo becomes an integral part of the container making it more durable, smoother, more professional looking, and yes, more expensive.

As with our metal roll off container paint options, plastic containers are also available in 16 stock colors, as well as custom color options at no extra charge.

Is it time for you to rethink your roll off dumpster marketing strategy?

Do you even have one?

If not, Nedland can help you get noticed, save your customers headaches, and make your competitor’s customers wonder why they are stuck looking at a rusty, dented, brown dumpster for the next three months.

Sure, the sanitation business isn’t pretty—but it doesn’t have to be ugly.

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