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Rear Load Containers

If you’re looking for rear load containers that offer exceptional construction and longevity, our rear load boxes are your best choice, hands-down.

With higher quality welds, a better paint job, durable lids and superb design, you can expect less maintenance than the competition—and select from a wide range of sizes to meet your particular needs.

Designed for ease-of-use—even in areas where space is tight, like cities and alleyways—apartment complexes, office buildings, restaurants and shopping centers regularly count on us for commercial steel containers that will last.

  • Our rear load containers feature:

    • Either 14-gauge steel plate construction with 1-1/4″ solid trunnion 78″ long, or 12-gauge steel construction with 3” and 4″ structural steel channel for added strength
    • 10-gauge front bumper channels
    • 10-gauge floors
    • Heavy duty overhead hoist hook-ups
    • Reinforced swing frames
    • 2″x6″ molded on rubber casters with caster pads mounted on 10-gauge caster channels
    • Phosphatize-cleaned, inside and out
    • Designed for use on most rear load packers
    • Larger rear load containers (N-300RL to N1000RL) designed for rear load packer bodies with hoist operation

    These rear load containers are built to stand the test of time.

  • Whatever your needs, we’ve got the just-right rear load container to suit your needs.

    Model Cubic yards Depth Width Overall height Solid trunnion
    N-100RL 1 26″ 78″ 45″ 1 1/4″
    N-150RL 1 1/2 37″ 78″ 45″ 1 1/4″
    N-200RL 2 38″ 78″ 48″ 1 1/4″
    N-300RL 3 80″ 78″ 48″ 1 1/2″
    N-400RL 4 90″ 78″ 48″ 1 1/2″
    N-600RL 6 126″ 78″ 48″ 1 3/4″
    N-800RL 8 150″ 78″ 48″ 1 3/4″
    N-1000RL 10 174″ 78″ 48″ 1 3/4″

  • Customize your rear load container and get exactly what you’re looking for:

    • With or without casters
    • Lid locks
    • Custom container paint colors
    • Custom lid colors
    • Tow package setup (Model N-200RL only)
    • 2″x6″ casters (Models N-400RL and N-600RL only)

    Nedland Color chart

  • Our rear load containers help you:

    • Promote sanitation
    • Reduce the risk of fire
    • Save on labor costs
    • Control pests

    What’s more, our containers are easy to maneuver and a great fit for your space, no matter how tight the squeeze.

  • We develop long-lasting relationships with our customers, and that’s because we deliver quality products and service they can rely on.

    Come to us for:

    • Exceptional design
    • Heavier steel
    • Best-in-class welds
    • Superior paint jobs (all steel dumpsters are primed and painted on all interior and exterior surfaces)
    • Durable, rotationally molded plastic lids
    • Excellent customer service, before and after the sale


  • We’re proud of our quality products—and we stand behind them.

    We guarantee your rear load container will be:

    • Free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of shipment from our factory
    • We’ll replace all parts free of charge, where they’re found to be defective by the factory or Nedland company representative



“Service after the sale seems to be something that has gone out of style during these tough economic times, but not at Nedland.

You and your staff are always there to answer a question, or give us advice. It is a pleasure to do business with an honest and reputable supplier, and something we look forward to continuing for many years to come!”

Dan Hartel, President & HMFIC, Hartel’s / DBJ Disposal Companies, Proctor, Minnesota

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