Waste Management Equipment

We manufacture the highest quality waste hauling and recycling equipment, hands-down.

steel waste dumpsters

Front Load Containers

Prime quality steel dumpsters.

steel rear load container

Rear Load Containers

Long lasting metal containers.

plastic containers

Poly Dura Kans

Front load & rear load plastic waste containers.

stationary waste compactors

Stationary Compactors

Anchored trash packers that use receiver containers.

self-contained waste compactors

Self Contained Compactors

Industrial refuse packers with attached receiver containers.

Roll off steel waste containers

Roll Off Containers

Large steel waste dumpsters.

EZrolloff system

EZrolloff Systems

Trailers, truck hoists & accessories for roll off containers.

residential trash and recycling containers

Residential Carts

65 & 96 gallon trash cans.

used waste management equipment

Used Equipment

Pre-owned waste equipment products for sale.

Product Color Charts

Our industry-leading waste management equipment. Your best-in-class brand. Choose one of our standard color options or connect with us to discuss custom colors.

Plastic Container Color Chart

Poly Dura Kan color chart

Steel Container Color Chart

Nedland Color chart