front load containers for the waste management industry

Front load containers

Backed by 60 years of solid waste equipment design, manufacturing, and service experience, we offer the industry’s highest quality front load containers.

Our dumpsters range in size from 2 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards, serving a wide range of applications.

So, whether you’re a small business or apartment building manager with limited space—or a garbage hauler looking to purchase dumpsters or recycling containers for your front load garbage trucks, you can count on our front load containers to last.

  • Features of our industry-best front load containers

    Our containers are quality constructed, featuring:

    • Prime 10-gauge steel plate construction
    • 10-gauge formed steel top rails for added strength
    • Structural steel channel
    • 3/16″ front bumpers and 3/16″ reinforced elongated lift pockets with flared pocket guides and 1/4″ edge straps
    • Reinforced swing frames and poly lids standard
    • Slant front or low profile design
    • Phosphatize-cleaned, inside and out
    • Quality priming and painting, inside and out

    Designed for use on most front load truck bodies with pockets or A frame hook-ups, you can count on our front load containers for durability, reliability and many years of maintenance-free service.

  • Specs for our front load containers line

    We have just the right dumpster to meet your needs.

    Model Cubic yards Depth Width Overall height
    N-200FL 2 39″ 82″ 41″
    N-300FL 3 69″ 82″ 35″
    N-300FLS 3 49″ 82″ 52″
    N-400FL 4 72″ 82″ 43″
    N-400FLS 4 57″ 82″ 63″
    N-600FLS 6 75″ 82″ 69″
    N-800FLS 8 89″ 82″ 75″

    (All measurements are outside dimensions)


  • Options for your front load containers

    Select from a range of options and customize your dumpsters to suit your needs and brand identity. Choose:

    • Slant or low profile front load containers
    • With or without casters
    • Lid locks
    • Tow package setup
    • Custom container paint colors
    • Custom lid colors

    We’ll work with you to ensure your containers meet the requirements of your specific application.

    Nedland Color chart

  • Benefits of front load containers

    When you’re equipped with quality-built containers, you can:

    • Promote sanitation – All waste products are safely kept in a closed, single container until the garbage truck empties and disposes of its contents in a designated waste disposal area.
    • Reduce fire risk – Storing your waste materials in steel containers reduces the chances of accidental fire.
    • Save labor – As the waste you generate is neatly stored in dumpsters, you’ll eliminate mess (including littered and slippery floors that can create a liability risk). With no mess to clean up, you limit the labor hours needed to maintain a clean work environment.
    • Control pests – Since waste products are kept in steel-covered containers, you dissuade pests—from insects to rodents—from creating both a mess and a health hazard.

  • Buy your front load containers from Nedland

    Our containers lead the industry, thanks to:

    • Superb design
    • Heavier steel
    • Higher quality welds
    • Superior paint job (all dumpsters come primed and painted on interior and exterior surfaces, standard)
    • Durable lids

    Furthermore, our customer service is unmatched.

  • Our steel container warranty

    We stand behind our front load containers:

    • We guarantee that our dumpsters will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of shipment from our factory.
    • We’ll replace all parts found to be defective by the factory or Nedland company representative free of charge.


“Service after the sale seems to be something that has gone out of style during these tough economic times, but not at Nedland. You and your staff are always there to answer a question, or give us advice.

It is a pleasure to do business with an honest and reputable supplier, and something we look forward to continuing for many years to come!”

Dan Hartel
President & HMFIC
Hartel’s / DBJ Disposal Companies
Proctor, Minnesota

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