Plastic dumpsters stand up to abuse—day-in and day-out

Waste management is a tough, demanding job—it takes a toll on your people and a beating on your equipment.

But, plastic dumpsters are changing the game.

Made from 100% high density polyethylene, these durable, lightweight containers offer significant benefits over their heavy steel counterparts:

  • They weigh less than steel containers—making them easy to move and easy on your operators’ backs
  • They don’t rust or corrode—wet waste won’t eat through your containers
  • They dump cleanly
  • They’re low maintenance—they’re dent resistant and fade resistant
  • They’re graffiti-resistant—just clean them up with paint thinner
  • They’re much quieter than steel dumpsters

Of course, drivers won’t be gentle with these cans—they’re paid to “dump and run.” So, you’ll need plastic dumpsters designed to handle whatever abuse your drivers dish out.

Shopping your options? Here are some critical considerations.

Product design meets real-world demands

We were the first company in the industry to manufacture plastic containers and recycle bins.

In fact, we’ve been doing it for 20 years now.

And, over the years, we’ve worked to continuously improve our product.

Here are a few design features that have dramatically increased the durability and longevity of our lightweight container products.

How do our plastic dumpsters stand up to the competition?

BodySmooth-sided containerRibbed containerRibs reinforce the body structure for added strength.
Caster channelsNot recessedRecessedRecessed caster channels provide added strength.
Belly pansNoneStandardBelly pans reinforce the bottom of your container for added rigidity.
PocketsPlastic pocket with metal insertMetal pocketMetal pockets won’t crack when containers are dumped.

The importance of rotational molding

The rotational molding process allows the manufacturer to lay down the polyethylene in layers.

That means the product won’t contain air bubbles, which weaken the cans and cause them to become brittle.

In fact, you can pull on a product made with a rotational molding process and it will bounce back.

All Nedland brand plastic dumpsters—Poly Dura Kans—are manufactured with this rotational molding process.

With injection molding, the polyethylene is forced into a mold—in just the same way army soldier toys are manufactured. It’s a process that introduces air bubbles and results in a more brittle product. (Pull on a product made with injection molding and it will crack.)

Intelligent use of recyclable materials

Our containers need to be tough, so we manufacture them from virgin high density polyethylene.

Lids, of course, don’t require the same degree of strength. So, we manufacture them from the container scrap—what’s called “regrind.” Meaning, our lids are made from recycled materials—an important consideration for some of our customers.

Industry-leading warranty

We offer a 5-year warranty on our plastic dumpsters—the longest in the industry.

That’s how confident we are in our materials, product design, and manufacturing process.

Custom plastic dumpsters meet your needs

We offer 2, 3, and 4 cubic yard front load containers and 1.5, 2, and 3 cubic yard rear load containers—each constructed from the industry’s highest quality materials and lowest maintenance cost design.

Have unique specifications? Give us a call.

We can execute your modifications—because we control every step of the process. That’s because Nedland products are manufactured at a single facility.

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