EZrolloff truck hoist

Our EZrolloff truck hoist is the best your money can buy. Period. So, if you’re a roll off company—or you work in the construction, roofing, landscaping, or tree care industries—come to us.

Our truck hoists are built with higher quality materials than the competition, so they’ll work harder, longer, and they come with dependable wireless remote and back-up manual levers, standard.

  • Rock-solid truck hoist features

    You simply won’t find a better-constructed roll off truck hoist on the market.

    Ours feature:

    • Dual container locks (two front and two back)
    • UHMW slide pulley block
    • 51-degree dump angle
    • All sheaves and pulleys are in bronze bushings
    • Wireless remote & manual levers
    • Oil filter gauge
    • Fluid temp gauge
    • Truck hoist frames are all powder coated

    Our electrical/hydraulic features include:

    • Electric over hydraulic (with manual override)
    • Tipp hoist cylinders with automatic leveling controls and lock valves
    • Nitro rod winch cylinders
    • Extendable tail (24” hydraulic operated tail)


  • Our truck hoist specs

    If it’s specs you want, specs we’ve got:

    Hoist rated capacity 20,000 lbs
    Hoist frame 3” x 6” x 3/8” wall tube
    Front stops 5/8” plate
    Safety lock Automatic mechanical
    Hoist cylinder (2) 4” x 48” x 2” chrome rods
    Winch cylinder (2) 4” x 48” x 2” nitro rods
    Cable 5/8”
    Outside rollers 3” O.D. w/bronze bearing, greaseable
    Cable sheaves 8” O.D w/bronze bearing, greaseable
    Cable travel 192”
    Hinge shaft 1 1/2” solid with grease zerks
    Dump angle 51 degrees
    App. weight 2874 lbs

    You can count on our roll off truck hoist to get the job done.




  • Our unbeatable truck hoist warranty

    We’re proud of our roll off truck hoist design and construction.

    In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our product, that we’ll back our truck hoists with a five-year warranty.


“I had searched two other comparable products for more than a year and found Nedland’s less costly and with a higher weight capacity, allowing us to reduce our cost almost 1/2.”
Mark Matza
Fortune Group
Jersey City, New Jersey

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