EZrolloff Systems

EZrolloff brand roll off trailer system

EZrolloff brand roll off trailer system

Looking for the first — and best — roll off trailer system on the market? EZrolloff is your go-to choice.

Our line of roll off trailers, truck hoists, trailer hoists, roll off containers, and accessories are the strongest, most dependable, most innovative, and easiest to use on the market.

So, whether you’re a scrap or garbage hauler, construction or roofing company, landscaper or tree care service provider, you can count on us to help you get the job done.

Why Nedland?

Choose Nedland EZrolloff brand

Nedland consistently outperforms other roll off manufacturers, plain and simple.

Consider that:

  • Some roll off trailers come equipped with a warn winch, but with the EZrolloff trailer, cable never touches cable
  • Our high quality trailer construction is what you’d typically find on large roll off trucks
  • Our containers are compatible with large roll off trucks, not just our trailer—and that means flexibility for you
  • Our roll off trailers are constructed with bronze bushings in the rail rollers, oil bath axels, and counter balance on all of the vales—meaning the only thing you’ll need for maintenance is a grease gun
  • We offer the best warranty in the waste management industry


Purchase from us and you can count on quality products and service.

Industry-best roll off trailer system features

Our EZrolloff system simply can’t be beat, with standard features like:

  • Torflex axles
  • Oil bath hubs
  • Roped hydraulics
  • Roll off trailer system hydraulic jack
  • Efficient, highest quality hydraulic components
  • 4-function wireless remote with backup manual controls
  • 16-gallon reservoir/dual filtration (trailers)
  • Safety loading valves, directly mounted on hydraulic cylinders
  • Synthetic biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • Powder coated roll off trailers
  • Cylinders reeved by a cable system, rather than a warn winch
  • Bronze bushing rollers with a figure eight grease groove
  • All valves are counter balanced safety lock valves
  • Bolted fenders (not welded)

Our roll off trailers are constructed with a hoist rated capacity of:

  • 12,000 lbs
  • 16,000 lbs
  • 20,000 lbs



12,000 lb roll off spec sheet

16,000 lb roll off spec sheet

20,000 lb roll off spec sheet

Options for your just-right roll off

We manufacture and sell a variety of roll off system products and accessories to meet your needs:


Steel Product Color Chart

Red Enamel
Maroon Enamel
Armor Yellow
Nedland Gray
Chicagoland Gray
Brown Cocoa Enamel
Dark Brown
Black Enamel
Blue Enamel
Medium Blue
Allied Blue
U.S. Waste Green
Forest Green
Shamrock Green

The big benefits of roll off trailers

Our EZrolloff systems add value to your business.

How so?

Increased profits – Our roll off trailer system can add additional profit by allowing you to significantly cut waste disposal costs. (Your savings will be dependent on the type of business you run, your annual volume, and other factors.)

Enhanced efficiencies – An EZrolloff truck hoist or trailer system can significantly increase your garbage hauling efficiencies. Our roll off trailer systems, used in tandem with our truck hoists, often allow garbage haulers to double their hauling capacities. That translates to increased profits. Our roll off trailer systems also allow our customers to tailor the size of the container to the specific operation.

Increased flexibility – Our EZrolloff trailer systems can be hauled by ¾ ton vehicles. That means your drivers don’t need a CDL for most applications, giving you much greater flexibility to use your existing equipment and labor force.

Expanded business opportunities – Our EZrolloffs allow customers to conduct business in tight quarters, narrow confines, and hard-to-reach areas. Where the traditional large truck hoist system requires a big area to maneuver, our mini roll off trailer systems allow you to complete any hauling or waste removal job, regardless of the surroundings.

Attractive payment options – We have standard leasing packages available, or we can customize a package for you. It’s easy to get started—and we’d love to show you how.

“I’ve had the EZ16 roll off trailer for five years and this thing is a beast! No sign of quitting. You and everyone involved in the whole process of EZ Rolloff absolutely ROCK!”
Josh Frasier
Tonawanda, NY

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